Marketing Organization Optimization

Marketing leaders are continually challenged to produce even greater results with fewer resources. There are a number of ways in which we move clients beyond today's challenges and provide a sound foundation for marketing beyond 2020.

With consideration to your business goals and corporate dynamics, Bajkowski + Partners' marketing organization optimization services will leverage insights and proprietary tools to deliver practical and actionable solutions for the long term across a wide spectrum of areas.

Marketing Organization + Change Management

With shrinking budgets and headcount these days, marketing leaders are challenged to produce even greater results with fewer resources. We'll analyze your current marketing organization structure against your corporate business goals and dynamics to close the strategy-to-execution gap, and develop a sustainable new internal marketing structure. The scope can include:

  • Current Marketing Structure Evaluation / SWOT
  • Develop Marketing’s Value Proposition, Identity + Scope
  • Alignment with Corporate Goals
  • Develop Marketing Change Management Plan
    • Design Centers of Excellence (CoE's)
    • Define Staffing and Skillset Gaps
    • Options for Continued Growth
    • Define Support Needs (e.g., tools, systems, training, etc.)
  • Train + Ingrain the New Culture
Marketing Benchmarking + Best Practices

Our subject matter experts can optimize your marketing efforts through an evaluation of your marketing resources and practices against benchmarks and best practices:

  • Best Practices and Cross-functional Integration
    • Evaluate, recommend and author policies, procedures, tools and systems
    • Evaluate cross-functional relationships and develop “Internal Marketing of Marketing” plan
  • Production Supplier Evaluation
    • Performance Evaluations and Auditing
    • Process Management, Policy and Procedure Authoring, and Process Implementation
    • Vendor and Minority Vendor Searches / Vendor Reviews and RFPs
    • Compensation and Contract Negotiations
  • Agency Management / Marketing Operations Evaluation
    • Agency Performance Evaluation
    • Agency Roster Evaluation
    • Agency Management Gap Analyses (contracts, scopes, etc.)
    • Marketing Operations Management Systems (DAMs, AdTech, MarTech)
Workflow + Process Optimization

Bajkowski + Partners evaluates various marketing management relationships, processes and systems for clients of all sizes and industry verticals, working collaboratively with key constituents to move beyond the obvious to understand underlying root causes and identify pain points as well as opportunities. We valuate, recommend policies, procedures, tools and systems as well as author policies and procedures. Our workflow and process optimization scope can be robust or focused:

  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development Process Evaluation + Design
  • Creative Campaign / Integrated Agency Management Process Evaluation + Design
  • Internal Cross-functional Integration + Communication Process Evaluation + Design
  • Production Management Process Evaluation + Design
  • Production Supplier Sourcing Evaluation + Optimization
    • Performance Evaluations and Auditing
    • Process Management, Policy and Procedure Authoring, and Process Implementation
    • Vendor and Minority Vendor Searches / Vendor Reviews and RFPs
    • Compensation and Contract Negotiations
  • Asset Management Evaluation + Optimization
  • Workflow Management Evaluation + Optimization (processes and systems)
  • Supplier Contract Management + Systems
  • Production Supplier Performance Audits + Optimization
  • Training – all areas such as best practices, systems and tools, workflow processes, and budget management
In-house Agency Development + Optimization Services

Our robust in-house agency consulting services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of marketing professional looking to bring certain agency services in-house whether media planning and programmatic or creative and production operations – or the need to optimize your current approach. We’ll work to understand your unique needs, as well as current sourcing, to develop the optimal in-house agency services plan for you. Our services include:

  • Situational Analysis, including corporate dynamics
  • Department Strategy, Value Proposition + Design
  • Disciplines, Structure, Roles + Resource Management
  • Cross-functional Processes, UX + Integration
  • Operational Workflow / Process Design, Technology + Metrics
  • Tech Stack Requirements / Plan (from work stations to workflow management tools)
  • Budgeting / P&L Development
  • Implementation / Roll-out Timeline
  • External Agency Integration
Interim Onsite Staffing

Our team of senior marketing consultants cover all aspects of marketing, media, public relations and agency management. We can provide short term solutions to your staffing gaps, whether leading the team or a special initiative, in areas that include:

  • Chief Marketing Officer / Marketing Management
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising + Marketing Communications
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • eCommerce Management
  • DM / CX / UX Management
  • Media Investment Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Marketing Operations
  • In-house Agency / Studio Management
  • Budgeting + P&L Management
Coaching + Training

We provide coaching and education to executives, marketers and procurement professionals seeking to address challenges and knowledge gaps in order to make better informed decisions and improve personal as well as team effectiveness. We develop customized programs to meet your needs in areas such as:

  • Private executive coaching
  • Best practices in marketing communications management
  • Best practices in marketing channel management (media, digital, content development, etc.)
  • Balancing efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Managing agency and marcom resources (internal and external)
  • Best practice in bringing agency services in-house (media, creative, content production, etc.)
  • Best practices in budgeting and managing the marketing P&L

Portfolio of Services

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