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You have a growing number of business and internal challenges, but limited time and resources to do it all. That’s where we come in.

At Bajkowski + Partners, we deliver strategic counsel and services to marketing and procurement professionals seeking to grow brand value and achieve efficiencies, whether sourcing new agency solutioms or establishing operational excellence across the entire marketing ecosystem. Our services span four core practices areas Agency Search, Agency Performance, Marketing Organization Optimization, and Brand + Marcom Management.

Our approach is always based on an in-depth understanding of your unique needs. By leveraging best practices, benchmarks, and proprietary tools and techniques, we will challenge your internal mindset to unlock new opportunities and approaches that will cost efficiently and effectively enable your team to achieve its goals.

Need to launch an agency search, redesign your agency roster, or evaluate your agency relationships? We'll leverage best practices, our benchmarks, and decades of experience to provide bespoke solutions that fit your business needs and company culture.

Agency Search + Selection Management

We’ll manage your agency search to find the optimal agency partner or partners that will accelerate your marketing performance and fit culturally with your organization.


Agency Compensation + Contracts

Whether reviewing a new or current agency, we’ll work to optimize your agency economics by leveraging benchmarks, deploying the right comp model, and advising on your annual scoping, agency staffing and contract terms.


Agency Roster Modeling

We’ll assess your current roster composition against your business goals and other factors to design an efficient and effective agency roster to meet your unique needs.


Agency Performance Measurement

Our proprietary performance measurement tools identify gaps in perceptions of the relationship between clients and their agencies that can lead to poor performance if left unaddressed. These tools are customizable to meet the requirements of your organization.


Media Investment Management + Compliance

Our team of media experts provide a range of services, from effectiveness and efficiency evaluations to transparency, ad-fraud and viewability audits; process and regulatory compliance audits; performance metrics development; building in-house media agency services; and more.


Agency Management Best Practices Audits

Vague briefs, misaligned goals, and dysfunctional workflow processes are the real underlying reasons of why accounts going into review. Before you engage in a costly agency search, let us determine if the relationship can be mended. We’ll provide valuable insights and practical solutions that carefully leverage best practices with your unique situation, leading to optimal ways of working with your agency partners.


Marketing Organization Optimization

Building a modern marketing organization is just as important as ensuring you have the right agency partners.

Marketing Organization Change Management

We'll analyze your current marketing organization structure against your corporate business goals and dynamics to close the strategy-to-execution gap, and develop a sustainable new internal marketing structure.


Marcom Roster Design + Optimization

Today's marketing mix requires a diverse roster of agency and ad-tech solutions. Whether you need to overhaul your roster strategy, streamline your partner resources, or improve integration and alignment between your agencies, we develop customized roster optimization solutions to fit your unique needs. And we can help you find the right resources to fill any gaps.


Inhouse Agencies + Production Studios

Not all work needs to go to an external agency and not all work should be brought inhouse. Our services are tailored specifically to optimize your corporate-based media, creative and production operations – or design and build one.


Brand + Marcom Management

We work with clients and their agencies, either onsite or remotely to manage a wide range of marketing management duties that include:

Brand Management + Marcom Optimization

We deliver strategic counsel and management services to brand and marketing executives seeking to gain cross-functional collaboration by serving as an extension of your marketing or sales management team, either leading specific initiatives or assessing effectiveness.


Sales Management Optimization

Our range of sales management advisory services are diverse and broad, ranging from sales team restructuring to planning, forecasting, training and more.


Litigation Support + Expert Witness

We provide expert testimony, expert opinion, expert research, and litigation support for law firms and their clients across all aspects of marketing, advertising, marketing communications, advertising, public relations, media and sales.

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