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Accelerating marketing performance through bespoke solutions

Bajkowski + Partners is a leading marketing resource management and optimization consultancy that works with marketing and procurement to transform business results by optimizing crucial marketing resources and processes.

Whether evaluating and saving client-agency relationships, managing agency searches, re-engineering agency rosters and agency compensation methods, establishing effective marketing and sales best practices, or addressing other marketing resource related challenges, our approach always begins with immersion in your specific goals, challenges and requirements.

Our deep understanding of the marketing and agency ecosystems, and how to leverage forwarding-leaning trends as well as navigate corporate dynamics, enables us to provide bespoke and sustainable solutions for the long term while identifying short term wins.

What sets us apart

  • We're a knowledgeable, hands-on senior team with a unique 360-degree perspective
    • All our trusted advisors have held senior level roles on both the client and agency side, and possess decades of real-world marketing management experience across most industry verticals, all marketing channels, and of course our portfolio of services
    • Our knowledge of the agency marketplace, various industry benchmarks, and marketing and procurement best practices is deep and current
    • We know how to align focus, navigate your corporate dynamics, and communicate with your constituents – from the C-suite and Board to the front-line and agency teams – to drive innovation, engagement and results
  • We're objective and agnostic
    • We adhere to high ethical standards which serve as a multi-layered filter through which we process decisions, advise our clients, select strategic partners, and interact with the agencies
    • We don't collect fees from agencies when it comes to our marketing services work, nor do we accept or pay referral fees, so you can always trust in the recommendations we make
    • We don't perform talent searches, so we won't poach your best people for other clients or agencies
    • We are accredited by the 4A's for adhering to ethical in agency search management practices
  • We’re right-sized to meet your needs and deliver greater value
    • We build a cross-functional team of trusted advisors to meet the unique specifications of your assignment, so we can scale to be as small or large as your assignment requires
    • We leverage proprietary tools and techniques that are customized to your unique situation and scope of work
    • Our benchmarks and best practices are current and evolving with the ever-changing marketing landscape
  • We have long term relationships with our clients and colleagues
    • We continue to build our business and reputation through demonstrated expertise and integrity
    • Many clients have expanded our scope of work and types of assignments, and are our leading source of new business referrals

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Bajkowski + Partners LLC
"Our marketing org realignment was practically a quarterly occurrence, but you did a terrific job leading the process and guiding us to develop a long view for senior management buy-in by creating centers of excellence for what's next and not just what's now."

Services Portfolio

By leveraging and customizing best practices, we develop transformational solutions to your marketing resource and operational challenges in four core practice areas:

Agency Search + Selection Management

agency search and selection management (AOR, BAL, integrated, specialty, project) • agency roster design • agency compensation design, benchmarking and negotiations • agency contract and SOW development • staffing plan and contract evaluations / negotiations • cultural fit assessments • agency transition and onboarding • agency roster integration


Marketing Organization Optimization

marketing organization change management • marketing centers of excellence design • in-house agency / studio development • marketing resource assessments • cross-functional integration studies • marketing benchmarks and best practices assessments • process and workflow design • bespoke transformation solutions and action plans • production supplier performance audits and optimization • staff evaluation and training • stakeholder education • executive coaching


Agency Performance + Relationship Management

client-agency relationship evaluations • bespoke transformation solutions, training and action plans • SOW design, review and optimization • agency compensation and contract assessments • agency staffing plan assessments • agency roster modeling • agency roster integration studies • process studies and benchmarking • agency management best practices and training • stakeholder education / training


Brand + Marcom Management

manage special marketing and sales initiatives, teams and agencies • develop creative briefs and templates • brand planning, management and development • media and events planning and management • budget planning and forecasting • develop analytics strategy and critical metrics • plan evaluation and optimization • facilitate planning and integration meetings • develop bespoke transformation solutions and action plans • develop and implement best practices • interim onsite staff duties • team integration and coaching • expert witness services