How we roll

At Bajkowski + Partners, we hold steadfast to our operating principles which serve as a multi-layered filter through which we process decisions, advise clients, select strategic partners and interact with agencies.

Bajkowski + Partners is an accredited agency search consultancy, having signed the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) joint Agency Search Best Practices Agreement to foster fair play by following its guidelines for structuring and managing agency searches, benchmarking and audits.

Our ethos and client commitments are equally important to us and, together with our innovative solutions, have earned us a solid reputation in the industry among clients, agencies and strategic partners alike.


Committed to providing impartial counsel on all assignments, we utilize processes that are fair to all parties and work to ensure a level playing field, particularly during the agency search process.

  • Unlike many other agency search consultants, we do not charge agencies to participate any agency searches we manage nor be included in our proprietary agency database. So our recommendations are based on your agency selection criteria and not limited to only agencies that “pay to play”.
  • We firmly believe in fair play and fair pay for all parties, whether we’re negotiating agency contract terms and compensation, building agency incentive plans, or developing new client-agency processes.
  • We do not tie our fees to your agency / supplier compensation savings nor accept or provide remuneration for referrals – otherwise this would place our interests above obtaining the best resources for your scope and budget.

Because we’re unbiased and don't approach assignments with preconceived ideas and canned solutions, we develop bespoke solutions that are actionable. And when it comes to agency searches, we'll identify agencies that fit your criteria but weren't necessarily on your radar.

This level of objectivity and commitment is brought to all assignments.


Our trusted advisors act with integrity to build trust with our clients, the agencies and our strategic partners. We accomplish this by maintaining a high standard of ethical business conduct, and we expect the same from all parties in each engagement. The fundamentals of our integrity are:

Confidentiality – Since we have privileged access to confidential information and intellectual property of clients and agencies alike, we are diligent about safeguarding such materials and adhering to our confidentiality obligations (NDAs). We prohibit our team from speaking to the press as well as making posts to social media and other channels about our clients and assignments. We also have NDAs in place with our strategic partners as well as any agencies that participate in client assignments.

Transparency – Clarity on your business goals, scope of work, metrics, processes, budgets, compensation method and other expectations are paramount to the successful outcome of any assignment. This is equally true of agency searches and why we’ll spend time in the Discovery phase to get your agency search off to a great start as well as result.

Respect – Everyone brings something special to the table and should be treated respectfully, not as a means to an end. If you want your agency to act like a business partner, they need to be treated like one throughout the search process as well as during the relationship. As seasoned former brand and agency executives, we understand and respect the nuances within both client and agency environments. We know how to bridge any gaps in understanding as well as how to run efficient and effective agency searches, audits, roster modeling, agency roster integrations, and the like. A core element to respect is also candidness and our trusted advisors will provide you with the unvarnished truth – respectfully and with discretion of course – even if it’s something that may be difficult to hear.

Conflict Avoidance – We place high value on trustworthiness, so we’ve put limits on how we grow our business to avoid conflicts of interest. That’s why we do not charge fees to agencies to participate in agency searches nor to be included in our proprietary agency database. We neither accept nor provide referral fees to our strategic partners, nor to any other suppliers we may recommend to our clients. Nor do we provide headhunting services for anyone – we firmly believe our privileged access to the best and brightest client and agency staffs should not be abused for our own monetary gains. 


We provide our clients with bespoke solutions that align with their business strategy and operating goals.

To achieve this, project goals as well as mutual agreement on all deliverables and key success factors must be defined in writing at the beginning of each assignment. We go beyond our vast experiences to remain immersed in the trends, innovations, and other factors that are continually reshaping the marketing industry and best practices as well as spawning new agency solutions.

We do not tie our fees to your savings related to any of our assignments, nor do we accept or pay remuneration for referrals – this would place our financial interests above obtaining the best solution for you.

We adhere to agency search and in-direct procurement processes established by various leading industry organizations, such as the ANA and the 4A's.

We also take the obligations of our contracts – mutually confidentiality agreements, master services agreements, scopes of work, business policies and the like – quite seriously. In kind, we expect our clients to honor their contractual and professional obligations to us as well as the agencies.


Our values extend well beyond the business environment to encompass good citizenry. Giving back through mentoring, volunteerism and other pro-bono work is important to each of our trusted advisors. Not just for the here and now, but also sustainable acts that pay it forward for tomorrow’s potential leaders and the community at large.

We also strive to reduce our carbon footprint through various means such as favoring digital documents over printed form, including submissions from agencies, and products that are biodegradable or recyclable. And while face-to-face meetings are important to build chemistry and relationships, we work with clients to determine what truly warrants in-person sessions versus what can be managed through online-conferencing or a simple phone call – modern technology is a wonderful thing.