Agency Search + Selection Management

Impartial. Experienced. Knowledgeable.

When you need to launch an agency search or reconfigure your agency roster, hiring the right agency search consultant is just as important as hiring the right agency.

As a leading agency search consultancy that’s accredited by the 4A's, our mission at Bajkowski + Partners is to provide bespoke solutions that fit your needs and company culture – whether you're able to take a modern approach to the search or need more traditional processes.

We'll improve your business results by connecting you with the right agency resources – this means finding you a smart agency partner that is the right size and cultural fit for your organization. One that will focus on your business goals, bring you crucial customer and channel insights, appropriately leverage technology, and partner with as well as lead you to even greater success.

Our 80 years of collective marketing industry experience spanning a diverse range of industries – as marketing and agency executives as well as management consultants – gives us a unique ability to “speak the language”, work collaboratively, facilitate transparency, and manage everyone’s expectations to deliver a win-win agency roster solution our clients and the agencies.

We possess deep knowledge of the agency landscape across all channels and audiences and interact with agencies across the country on a daily basis.

Our proprietary Agency Database is comprised of more than 3,000 full service and specialty agencies – from those under holding companies and consultancies to independent and new model structures of all sizes. Our team has reviewed their credentials, learned about their cultures, and continually updates these profiles, adding notes and recommendations on fitness.

So, whether you need an AOR, project agency or a specialty agency, we know which agencies are truly innovative as well as those among the smaller agencies that are on the rise. And because we work with clients and their agencies on agency relationship management engagements, we really understand which agencies are delivering on their pitch promise.

We believe this first-hand knowledge is why more than 90% of our client-agency matches have endured five years or more.

We adhere to high ethical standards which serve as a multi-layered filter through which we process decisions, advise our clients, select strategic partners, and interact with the agencies.

We do not collect fees from agencies when it comes to our marketing services work, nor do we accept or pay referral fees, so you can always trust in the recommendations we make.

Agency Search During a Global Pandemic

Covid19 has dramatically impacted a client's ability to build chemistry with prospective agencies. So with in-person meetings curtailed, how do you get to know the agencies?

Bajkowski + Partners has developed new agency search meeting guidelines, Pitch From AnywhereTM, to help agencies and brands forge new relationships in ways that meet today's health and safety requirements. Contact us to learn more.

Agency Search + Selection Management

Bajkowski + Partners continues to innovate agency search methods rather than relying solely on yesterday’s best practices. Whether you need to launch an agency search or re-configure your agency roster, we'll provide bespoke solutions that fit your unique needs and company culture.

Full Service Agency Search Management

Our four-phase, full service process incorporates as many live meetings as possible with participating agencies. After all, this is a big commitment and a decision shouldn’t be rendered on a process that’s heavy in written responses and limits the face-time to the pitch day.

During Covid19, we'll leverage our Pitch From AnywhereTM procedures to ensure you have live access in a virtual format to agency participants while complying with health and safety requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a new AOR or the assignment is project-based, our agency search consultants will design a bespoke process which may include:

  • Search Process Design
  • Agency Scope of Work (SOW) Review / Development
  • Agency Selection Criteria Review / Development
  • Agency Slate Development (aka long list)
  • RFI / RFP Development and Distribution
  • Agency Compensation Modeling (cost-plus, value-add, incentive, etc.)
  • Agency Compensation Evaluation / Benchmarking + Negotiation
  • Agency Contract Review / Development + Negotiation
  • Agency Transition + Onboarding
  • Agency Roster Integration
SpeedRound™ Agency Search Management

Whether you're looking to explore new agency relationships on a project basis, have a one-off project, or just don't need the time consuming traditional agency search process, we'll curate a smarter, more cost-effective agency roster approach for you to find a the right agency resource.

Our SpeedRound™ agency search services provide marketers with a short slate of 5-6 pre-qualified agency resources, including agency credentials, relevant agency case studies and agency culture assessments – all within 2-3 weeks.

From there, we'll set up a series of virtual Chemistry Meetings to get you the right new agency partner within a matter of weeks.

Contact us for more details.

OnTap™ Agency Search Services

Have the resources inhouse to manage the agency search process, but don't necessarily know how to go about it?

Or just need an agency search consultant to provide 6-8 pre-qualified agencies to form your initial agency slate?

Our OnTap™ agency search consulting services offers bespoke support to fit your unique needs.

Contact us for more details.

Agency Compensation, Negotiation + Contracting

Whether reviewing a new or current agency, we’ll work to optimize your agency economics by leveraging benchmarks, deploying the right comp model, and advising on your annual scoping, agency staffing and agency contract terms.

  • Compensation Modeling (cost-plus, value-add, incentive, etc.)
  • Compensation Benchmarking + Negotiation
  • Staffing Plan Evaluation
  • Contract Management + Negotiation

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