Our Industry + Client Experience

We’re equally proud to serve established blue chip brands as well as start-ups and those launching new products and services.

We continually manage a variety of assignments assignments including agency searches and  agency performance evaluations, agency compensation benchmarking and contract negotiations, strategic planning, and establishing effective marketing and sales practices. A common thread among our assignments is to gain efficiencies and improve results from our clients’ resources. We work with multinational and regional clients spanning a diverse range of industries in traditional and franchise businesses.

  • Advocacy / Cause / Non-profit
  • Automotive + OEM
  • Banking / Finance / Brokerages
  • Beverages / Spirits / Wine / Beer
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Education
  • Energy / Petroleum / Utilities
  • Entertainment / Events / Sponsorship
  • Fashion / Accessories
  • Government / Aerospace / Engineering
  • Health + Beauty / Wellness
  • Healthcare / OTC / Pharma
  • Home Builder / Goods / Appliances
  • Insurance
  • Luxury Goods + Services
  • Professional Services
  • Public Safety
  • Publishing
  • Restaurant / Food Service / QSR
  • Retail + Convenience Stores
  • Telco / Wireless
  • Trade Bureaus + Associations
  • Travel + Hospitality + Transportation
  • Technology (hard/software, services)

And our B2B and B2C experience encompasses all disciplines across the ever-evolving marketing ecosystem:

  • Integrated / Full Service
  • Strategy / Branding Planning
  • Naming / Verbal + ID Systems
  • Creative + Design
  • Media Investment (all channels)
  • Digital / Interactive (media / creative / production)
  • Business / Brand Innovation
  • Websites / Apps / Games (dev / host / manage)
  • Social Marketing / Media
  • Content Marketing / Management
  • Mobile Marketing / Mobile IoT
  • Search (Paid / Organic)
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • CRM / Direct Marketing
  • Experiential / Events / Sponsorship
  • Promotions / Shopper Marketing
  • Public Relations / Corp. Comm. (external / internal)
  • Production (all formats / channels)
  • Printer Network (single / multi source)
  • AdTech / MarTech (e.g., DAMs, CMS, SaS)
  • In-house Agency / Studio (build / optimize)

Our multinational and regional client experiences include:

largest global airline"
global hotel chain based in atlanta"
USA insurance"
luxury japanese car brand"
quality car brand client logo"
retail client in quick service industry"
fast-casual pizza restaurant start-up"
global midscale and economy hotel group"
national FEP health insurance provider"
upscale global cruise line"
luxury class cruise line"
global wireless carrier"
regional healthcare services provider"
value chain retailer"
QSR burger chain"
global travel mgt representation"
global pharma and OTC"
USA military branch"
global pharma"
global credit card brand hq San Francisco"
oil producer and retail brand"
former aerospace and defense contractor"
german auto maker"
UK-based hotel group"
EMEA regional airline"
midscale hotel brand IHG"
original midscale hotel brand IHG"
Latin American economy airline"
upscale business hotel brand"
EMEA regional air line brand"
low cost aircarrier"
french tourism org logo"
german national airline logo"
OTA travel logo"
largest global cruise line"
irish air carrier logo"
pharma and OTC brand logo"
national banking retail logo"
otc and pharma maker logo"
APAC zealand airline brand logo"
florida cruiseline lower scale brand logo"
business tech solutions provider logo"
national health care brand logo"
global atlanta air carrier"
best national airline brand logo"
heart healthy fast food logo"
express train brand logo"
otc and cpg brand logo"
french foods assoc logo"
japanese hotel group logo"
software company brand logo"
LA newspaper brand logo"
pharma client brand logo"
christian publisher brand logo"
retail framing and crafts brand logo"
creditcard brand logo red and gold"
qsr burger brand logo"
chp mfr brand logo"
western hotel group logo"
CA hospital brand logo"
magic kingdom orlando"
national wireless provider logo"
coffee shop brand logo"
collection hotel group brand logo"
french agri assoc brand logo"
luxury clothing retailer brand logo"
fast casual celebrity brand logo"
energy provider brand logo"
pizza qsr small brand logo"
hardware mft brand logo"
family owned framing brand logo"
italian pervayor brand logo"
detroit auto mfr brand logo"
car rental atlanta brand logo"
LA sports hospital brand logo"
british tourism org brand logo"
dallas based global air line logo"
fruit hardware mft brand logo"
software and hardware brand logo"
midscale hotel group brand logo"
global hotel chain brand logo"
japanese midclass brand logo"
big box club membership brand logo"
naitonal insurance brand logo"
soft drink brand logo"
AE card logo"
home builder brand logo"
beauty brand logo"
beer brand logo"
global beauty brand logo"
argentina tourism brand logo"
NYFSI brand logo"
NY FSI brand logo"
toy brand retail logo"
drone national brand logo"
luxury global hotel brand logo"
global hotel luxury brand logo"
vet volunteer brand logo"
consuting brand logo"
consulting middleman logo"
healthcare provider regional logo"
vision care provider logo"
retirement benefits brand logo"
senior care provider brand logo"

Additional client information and a more extensive list of our brand experience are available upon request, subject to client confidentiality agreements.