Bajkowski + Partners is an independent consulting firm specializing in helping companies grow its brand value through
optimization of the marketing department’s core internal assets and external resources.

Whether it is evaluating and saving client-agency relationships, identifying new external marketing communications resources
that meet a client’s evolving business and cultural needs, or establishing effective marketing and sales practices to gain
efficiencies and improve results, our approach is always based on an in-depth understanding of the Client’s needs.

Serving multinational and regional Clients since 1995, our strategic, customized consultation practice areas include:

Agency Performance + Agency Search Practice
Brand Management + Marketing Communications Practice
Marketing Organization + Optimization Practice
Sales Management + Optimization Practice

What sets us apart.

  • We possess over a century of collective experience across all marketing and sales disciplines in most industries at a
    multinational and regional level.
  • We’re right-sized to meet your needs and provide personalized service. We build a cross-functional team of seasoned
    professionals to meet the unique specifications of your assignment. So we can be as small or large as you need us to be.
  • We employ Proprietary Tools and Techniques that are customized to your unique situation and scope of assignment.
  • We have long term relationships with our Clients and Colleagues. We’ve built our business and reputation through
    demonstrated expertise and integrity. Many Clients have expanded our scope of assignments and are our leading source
    of new business referrals.
  • When it comes to our Agency Performance + Agency Search Practice, we...
    • ...work collaboratively with Clients and Agencies to ensure the right Client-Agency match
    • ...only work for Clients and never accept any fees from Agencies
    • ...possess over 60 years collective Agency Search/Agency Review experience from the Agency, Client and
      Consultant sides...something you won't find with most Agency Search consultancies