Agency Performance + Agency Search Practice:

Our 60 years of collective experience in agency performance optimization and agency search / agency review from the Agency, Client and Consultant sides gives us a unique ability to “speak the language”, work collaboratively, facilitate transparency, and manage everyone’s expectations to deliver a win-win solution for Clients and Agencies.

We know the agencies, large and small. Traditional and digital. Full service and specialists. And we know which are best suited to meet the specific challenges of your industry as well as your specific company culture.

And we only work for Clients when it comes to Agency Search / Review, never accepting any fees from Agencies.

Specific Agency Performance and Agency Search Practice areas include:

  • Agency Relationship Evaluation and Strengthening
  • Agency Roster Evaluation, Optimize and Multi-Agency Integration / Collaboration
  • Agency Search / Agency Review and Agency Roster Consolidation
  • Agency Compensation Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Compensation and Contract Negotiations, including Staffing Plan Analysis
  • Incentive Compensation Matrix Development and Negotiations
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Best Practices for Agency Management, including Agency Start-up Management

Marketing Organization + Optimization Practice
Brand Management + Marketing Communications Practice
Sales Management + Optimization Practice